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The Beast within the Lady(BlackButlerxReader)ch4:4
Her Butler, Intent        Part Four
And that’s how you’d ended up traipsing about the damned docks of London in the middle of the night, the foul stench of chamber pots thrown from windows upon the streets below and rotting manure caking the cobblestones permeating the air.
Still you wore the deep cobalt dress that you’d chosen earlier, the fabric held high above you waist as you stepped carefully through the soiled, shadowed streets, the fabric now barely obscuring your bloomers from view; though that little fact was something that hardly bothered you. Felix had tried to convince you to wear something a little more practical for what the both of you could only assume was to be a slaughter at your hands, but you had declined, stating that enough time had been wasted as it was.
Which left you as the sole being to ensure that it didn’t become yet another ruined piece from your wardrobe.
Though no
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The Beast within the Lady(BlackButlerxReader)ch4:3
Her Butler, Intent     Part Three
"Mistress, I cannot aide you if you don’t remove the towel. And I’m also quite certain that tightening the laces of your own corsets is even beyond your own rather impressive skills as well. So, if I may ask, what is it that you do not wish for me to see? Clearly you aren’t too abashed at your servants helping you clothe yourself, so there must be something more to it than that, am I correct?” Sebastian leaned in before you, his expression mildly befuddled as his bloody gaze stared down at you huddled into a small ball upon the floor, towel wrapped snuggly about your shoulders whilst your back pressed firmly into the wall.
And this was the exact reason you had specifically decided not to call Sebastian for help in the first place; he knew far more than he ever let on about the darker, more occult things in human society, which meant that he’d more than likely
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The Beast within the Lady(BlackButlerxReader)ch4:2
Her Butler, Intent        Part Two
With a heavy sigh, you once again sunk down into the now quite cool bathwater, beginning to regret the decision to let Felix go and assist your twin. Dressing her would take at least an hour, time which you most certainly weren’t going to spend waiting in frustratingly cold water for the demon’s return.
Which meant you’d have to summon one of your new butlers to assist you. And with the aforementioned scar upon your abdomen, you were loathe to do so.
But, it had to be done. Especially since it was hell to tighten your corsets on your own. Those damned bindings were far too aggravating for you to deal with yourself. That was what servants were for.
Momentarily you contemplated calling in Grell to aid you, knowing that the crimson haired man’s questionable nature would more than likely come in use here. You’d heard the stories from Sebastian and Ciel
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The Beast within the Lady(BlackButlerxReader)ch4:1
Her Butler, Intent
   Part One
With a steady eye you led your target, the bow gripped in your steady hands as accurately aimed as ever, though those very hands felt heavier than you had known them to be in a long while.
Benjamin’s death still weighed heavily upon your mind, his torn, bloodied figure invading what little sleep you normally managed to scrap together in the wee hours of the night, leaving you feeling as worn as the night before.
Nightmares were nothing that you couldn’t handle, but this… this was torture. A more vicious torment you could not possibly bring to mind, for, in spite of the fact that you often dreamt of the corpses to die by your own hand, never had the image of one whose blood you hadn’t spilled come in the dead of night.
Especially one that had been so dear to you.
A soft, bitter growl slipped loose from your lungs as once more you saw the smug, grinning face of Clarissa, knowing deep down
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Behind Towering Walls ~ a TBwtL Spin-Off
Behind Towering Walls ~ a TBwtL Spin-Off
This chapter is for a little clarification as to what went on whilst you were in the church. I really had to rush through that part, and didn’t get to put in everything I wanted so that I could keep Chapter Three at a decent length, (though still a lot longer than I’d expected XD)
Now you’ll get to read on about what exactly happened in the one place your loyal butlers dared not follow. In the last place you saw one of your most loyal servants alive. In that very place that lies behind those towering walls.
As you stepped over the threshold into that towering, holy building, the pale gray of the stone walls enveloping you in their stoic embrace, you couldn’t keep at bay the odd sense of nerves and worry that washed over you, sending an all too cold chill down your spine.
It wasn’t like you’d never been here before. Ever since you had been but a small child, you’d come to this exact church with your paren
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Be Still My Racing Heart ~ TBwtL Spin-Off
Be Still My Racing Heart ~ A TBwtL Spin-Off (BlackButlerxReader)
A little forewarning, this chapter may make you cry. As of yet, I haven’t even written it yet, and I’m already feeling down. But, it demands to be written, and so I must. Hopefully it sheds a little light on a thing or two about Chapter Three, and hopefully no one hates me for writing this! XP Well, onward!
It was another one of those days, the dreary overcast of heavy clouds and the frustrating mists of drizzling rain falling all around, creating a fine layer of moisture atop my clothes and hair. The bitter winter breeze whipped about me, carrying with it the scent of the oncoming frost, more than likely to spread it’s nippy fingers later that night.
In defense of that biting, cold wind, I wrapped my jacket tighter about my waist, snuggling deeper into the warmth as I leaned my elbows against the bridge I now stood upon, gazing down into the rippling reflection of my f
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The Beast within the Lady(BlackButlerxReader)ch3:3
Her Butler, Reverent
You were fuming. No, livid. Yes, absolutely, positively livid as you paced alone outside the closed doors of the church, the sermon muffled behind those ancient, heavy oak doors.
Mere moments before, you had been in confession, more than ready to tell of each and every misdeed you had committed over the past week, but upon hearing you utter those softly spoken words, ‘forgive me father, for I have once more sinned', the priest had swiftly left, pulling you from the booth in an almost rough manner and guiding you to the doors. In a harsh whisper, he had informed you that you were no longer welcome there.
And earlier, as you had first entered the church, you had been more than ready to sit with your twin, her eager waves almost welcoming to your worn countenance, but the frosty glare sent to you through narrowed ice blue orbs from Clarissa had forced you to change your mind, leaving you to take your customary seat at the very ba
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The Beast within the Lady(BlackButlerxReader)ch3:2
Her Butler, Reverent
"What the hell is that?” Your voice cut sharply through the air, like a knife slicing clean through flesh, your hard (e/c) stare focused intently upon the tall, black clad figure of Sebastian standing before your desk, his face contorted into a most cheerful, annoying grin.
You were tired, worn, and in no mood for any bullshit. You had made as much known when you had woken at sunrise to the acrid scent of burning meat, paint, and wood, the heavy smoke wafting through the air originating from your worse for wear kitchen.
The inside was a mess, black soot covering nearly three quarters of the large room, and charcoal grey puddles had swamped the floor; with your new cook, Bard, standing directly in the center of it all, flamethrower in one hand, empty, dripping bucket in the other.
To say the least, your infuriated howls of frustration and utter aggravation had been heard throughout the mansion, which had resulted in all of the oc
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The Beast within the Lady(BlackButlerxReader)ch3:1
Her Butler, Reverent
Blood once more surrounded you, washing over your face in horrid waves with each dunking, many maniacal voices chortling loudly as their owners watched your torment with sick pleasure. Nails scraped through your scalp into your skull, the heavy hand ripping strands of your blood soaked (h/c) hair out by the roots every time it drew you up for air.
And when that freezing blast of air washed over your slick, sticky skin, you clawed and struggled, fighting with everything you had, only to be forced down again, a low, sadistic chuckle the last thing you’d hear before blood once more flooded your senses.
The entire thing was some sick, torturous cycle, stuck on repeat, night after night.
Rather than simply drown you, whomever these cretins were, they wanted to torment you. They had for so long; nearly a week, and they refused to let you just die.
Oh, how you longed for the sweet black kiss of eternity to caress your foreh
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So, how did you meet? (TBwtL~BlackButler spin-off)
~So, how did you meet?~
A special spin-off of my fanfic – The Beast within the Lady
Featuring two world class rascals: Felix and Grell
A special mention to the awesome RineXNagihiko for coming up with such an awesome, devious nickname for Felix! Thanks so much!
Also, I would like to apologize for the occasional rhyming in this short. I don’t know why, and I don’t know how, but for some bizarre reason, things wanted to rhyme.
Grell gave a heavy sigh as his eyes scanned futilely amongst the crowd for the tall, intimidating, dark haired figure of his beloved Sebastian, the search following what had started as just another day strolling the streets of London. “Oh, Bassy, where did you go? I know I saw you around here somewhere… jeez, not even that kid saw him, and she definitely looked like the type to keep odd company. Good taste in clothes, though.”
Absently the crimson haired man found himself thinking enviously of the sleek, beautiful gown that had s
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The Beast within the Lady(BlackButlerxReader)ch2:2
Her butler, Starving Part two
You had forgotten how much you hated coming to this part of London. Filth was everywhere, from the urine and bathwater that ran down the streets with the pouring rain to the piles of horse dung and muck that covered the grey cobblestone street in a thick, sloppy layer. Everything held an overpowering stench, one that nearly had you reaching for the kerchief you kept safely tucked within the folds of your dress.
Though it was nothing like your normal garb. A dull beige chemise with a deep russet overskirt lie heavily upon your small frame, the grey over jacket you’d grabbed for warmth poorly made, it’s size too large and fabric annoyingly itchy. But comfort hadn’t been a priority. You had chosen this specific dress for one reason, and one reason alone: it helped you to blend in with the unwashed masses that strode the streets, even at this late hour.
Sebastian walked beside you, no longer in his usual black
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The Beast within the Lady(BlackButlerxReader)ch2:1
Her Butler, Starving
Part one
On a side note, there are a few instances in here where the reader insert part may get a little tricky, but fear not! I shall help with that!
For your description- (h/l), (h/c), (e/c), (f/n).       For both, if it comes up- (l/n)         For your twin sister’s description- (h:l), (h:c), (e:c), (f:n).
The sudden loud clatter of shattering dishes dropped upon the hardwood floor drew a frustrated groan from your lips. This hadn’t been the first time this had happened. It had been the third. And not the third in a week. The third time in a Goddamned day.
Even from here you could hear her mumbling apologies to Jenny and Felix, the sharp sound of the porcelain shards being swept up accompanying the cacophony.
“Sebastian…” Softly you spoke his name, rage filling every syllable of the damned creature’s name, knowing that no matter where the demonic butler was wit
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The Beast within the Lady (BlackButlerxReader)ch 1
CHAPTER ONE: Her Butler, Misplaced
Darkness was all you could see, a pitch black shade that drowned out any other hue, leaving you drifting in the hellish shadows. With wide eyes you frantically peered into the very heart of the heavy dark, but try as you might, not a figure nor shape was revealed to your (e/c) orbs.
And so, cold and lost, you drifted along, floating away in your shadowy prison.
Suddenly, a hand grabbed tight to your (h/c) locks, twisting the strands painfully to draw an agonized scream from your blind and broken body. Muffled, angry words sounded from the being that held you, the grip upon your (h/l) hair only yanking harder, bringing another piercing cry from your parted lips.
Still screaming and lashing out at the empty space that lie behind you, it wasn’t long before you found yourself being submerged into the thick, sticky liquid that moments before you had been drifting peacefully in. It was cold against your skin,
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Merry Christmas DA!!! by AshcloudAngel Merry Christmas DA!!! :iconashcloudangel:AshcloudAngel 0 0
The Beast within the Lady (Black ButlerxReader)
A lady shouldn't do this. A lady can't do that. That is most certainly not a thing young ladies are to do in polite company!
Ladies don't speak unless spoken to. Ladies don't have opinions. Ladies are to obey their betters.
All your life, these idiotic phrases were told to you by your parents. To become the perfect, marriageable young woman, to be shaped and molded into perfection, these were things you were expected to learn.
A lady couldn't. A lady shouldn't. A lady wouldn't.
Even now, years after your parents' death, those hated phrases were still being pushed upon you by the butler your father left to care for you should something ill befall him.
"Miss (f/n), a young lady of your breeding should most certainly not be wearing the clothes of a young man, let alone be caught climbing the branches of a tree. Whatever would your father say, were he here?" Angrily you glared down at the top of his salted deep brown hair, the strands groomed back to perfect
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Mature content
1000 lives, 1000 deaths: Death One :iconashcloudangel:AshcloudAngel 0 0


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Hi all! >~< So, last week I entered a lottery done by an amazing GFX artist on this site known as Eurea. And I got second place! >~< Which was awesome, except that I don't work with GFX brushes.
But, fortunately for me, this amazing artist had another prize in this case; if you don't work with GFX brushes, you get a cover or signature done instead!
So, naturally, I went straight for a cover for.... Yup, you guessed it! The Beast within the Lady! ^~^
Now, I wanted to go and add it to all of the chapters I've got up already, but my internet is out of gigs for this month, which has everything running at a snail's pace.
And yet, I really wanted to show you guys, so here it is!
Isn't it pretty?! >~<
Again, if any of my followers/readers are interested, go and check this amazing artist out! They do great renders and beautiful work!
(none of the work belongs to me; not the original image, not the pretty design - nothing. Nor Black Butler! XD)
Eurea Eurea Eurea blep-blep olive99 giantstorylover CaptainGhostly RineXNagihiko
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So, I love the warriors series (at least the first two seasons), dragons, wolves, and all manner of other creatures! Anime and manga also interest me (because they're awesome!)
Other than that... I'm actually a little awkward around people, especially on the internet, but I do try to make friends. (the only problem being that I don't really know how XD)
So, if I send you an awkward message, forgive me. I'm a tad weird. But it works for me. :)
One more tiny thing! I write reader inserts, original stories... and maybe more! Send me a request if you like my writing style! I'll let you know if I can write it!



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